Create hidden menu items in Joomla 4

Create hidden menu items in Joomla 4

Menu is always an important element of any website, proper use of hidden menu items is also an art to direct customers to the locations we want.

Hidden menu items in Joomla navigation system is a cool feature to go with from the beginning. Today we are going to see how you can create a hidden menu item in Joomla.

Go to the Main menu

From your site's Dashboard → Menus → Main Menu, Your main menu item list will open.

Create hidden menu items in Joomla 4
Go to Menus

Find Link Type

In main menu if you want to add new items to hide it, create a new menu item Or if you want to hide a menu item that already published on site just click on menu item name to edit it. Now you will see the options for Link Type.

Create hidden menu items in Joomla 4
Hide menu item option in Joomla

To hide the menu item, click on Link Type option & it will show Display in Menu option. Set the option to NO. Save and close this menu item to hide menu title.

Final, click SAVE then enjoy

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