How to create Language Overrides in Joomla 4

How to create Language Overrides in Joomla 4

To change text in core Joomla or in an extension (other than installing a new language) it is advised to perform a language override in Joomla.

Joomla is all built around language localization and lets you change the language strings of any text on your website without having to modify a single line of code. That’s how a multilanguage site works as well where the same code is used to display a totally different language.

To do this you need to go into the admin backend then in the menu under "Extensions" click on "Language Manager".

Then on the submenu on the page you come to click on "Overrides" as shown in the image below.

How to create Language Overrides in Joomla 4
Go to Dashboard, System, Language Overrides

Select the language and its client in the Filter, then click on "New" in the toolbar. Here you can change any string in Joomla. You can use the box on the right to search for a string that appears in the front end. Or if you know the constant you wish to override you can immediately enter that in the box on the right-hand-side.

How to create Language Overrides in Joomla 4
Choose language and click NEW button

Once you have your string you enter it into the "Language Constant" box on the left of the screen. Then type in the textarea beneath the text you want to display. Once you've done that click "Save and Close" and then repeat the previous step for each of the strings you need to override.

How to create Language Overrides in Joomla 4
Create Language Overrides

This may seem like a hard way of doing it rather than simply editing the language string files - but the advantage is that when you perform an update an extension/Joomla these strings won't get overwritten and generally, it's easier to do it this way once than it is to do it every time Joomla/the extension gets updated and having to edit the .ini file again.

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