How to Set Up Google Analytics for Joomla 4

How to Set Up Google Analytics for Joomla 4

Are you monitoring your web traffic? If not, this should be your top priority! Tracking website traffic is very important. Whether you are running an online business or a personal blog, monitoring and acting on your web traffic is vital to your success. Mindless optimization without paying attention to areas that truly matter is not going to do any good to improve your traffic.

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. Google launched the service in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin.

Google Analytics has undergone many versions since its inception. It is currently on its 4th iteration of the platform which is called GA4. GA4, now being the default Google Analytics installation, is the renamed version for the (App + Web) Property that Google had released in 2019 in a Beta form. GA4 has currently replaced UA, Universal Analytics.

Why you need Google Analytics for Joomla website

Google Analytics is a robust and powerful tool that provides indispensable information about your website and visitors.

Here’s just a few pieces of data you can get from Google Analytics:

  • Amount of traffic your site gets overall
  • The websites your traffic came from
  • Individual page traffic
  • Amount of leads converted
  • The websites your leads came form
  • Demographic information of visitors (e.g. where they live)
  • Whether your traffic comes from mobile or desktop

It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer with a humble blog or if you’re a big company with a massive website. Anyone can benefit from the information in Google Analytics.

How to Set Up Google Analytics for Joomla 4

Step 1. Get the Google Analytics Tracking Code

Google Analytics tracks all of its data by a Tracking Code called the Global Site Tag (gtag.js). This provides a framework for streamlined web page tagging – giving you better control while making the implementation easier.

Let’s find out how to get a Global Site Tag for your website.

  • Sign in to your Google account from the browser
  • Visit
  • Click on the ‘Start measuring’ button to create an account
  • Enter your website name, website URL, industry category, reporting time zone and click “Create”
  • Agree to the Google Data Processing & Protection Terms, and click “I Accept”
Get the Google Analytics Tracking Code
Get the Google Analytics Tracking Code

Step 2. Add Google Analytics to Your Joomla Template

W1. Add directly to the template through file modify

Log in to your Joomla site dashboard.

In the Dashboard, go to SystemSite Templates, then chose Cassiopeia Details and Files.

Find index.php, and add your GA tracking code above before end of the head tag. Then save it.

Add directly to the template through file modify
Add directly to the template through file modify

You have now successfully added your tracking code into your Joomla site.

This solution is quite fast but it is not recommended because every time Joomla is updated the codes you insert will be lost.

W2. Using Google Analytics Plugin

There are many plugins that support the insertion of GA code into your site in Joomla! Extensions Directory

  • Download the plugin, and install it in your Joomla site.
  • Go to SystemPlugins, search for: System - Google Analytic.
  • In the Options tab, fill in your GA tracking ID
  • Final, Enable the Plugin and SAVE
Plugins: System - Google Analytics
Plugins: System - Google Analytics

W3. Use Template's built-in options

Different templates will have a slightly different way to add Analytics Code. However, the steps and rule are always the same.

  • Copy Tracking ID above
  • Go to the Administrator Dashboard of your Joomla site
  • From SystemSite Template Styles select your template from the template list
  • Click on the Template Options button
  • Select the Advanced tab in the vertical menu
  • Paste the tracking ID above into "Google analytics code", look screenshot below
  • Save and you’re done!
Add Google Analytics to Your Joomla Template
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