Reset Joomla Super Admin Password in 30 seconds

Reset Joomla Super Admin Password in 30 seconds

One bad day you go to your Joomla website and cannot log in the back end with your super admin account, don't worry this article will help you reset Joomla Super Admin password in 30 seconds.

If your site has more than 1 super admin account, ask another super admin account to reset your password.

If your account is unique or your friend is not ready to help you right away, don't worry just follow the steps below, it will be quick.

Step 1. Access your hosting panel and Go phpMyAdmin

You can reset the Joomla Super Admin password if you have access to phpMyAdmin. Browse to phpMyAdmin using the credentials which you should have available as part of your web hosting details. You will need to access the Users table in phpMyAdmin.

Reset Joomla Super Admin Password in 30 seconds

Step 2. Open your database and find Users table

Enter "user" in the search box from the database of the website you want to reset Joomla Super Admin password. Then click on the edit button associated with it.

Reset Joomla Super Admin Password
Search Users table

Step 3. Choose new Password

Now just click the edit button in the row containing your account, then navigate to the password field. Then enter a new password with encryption type MD5

Reset Joomla Super Admin Password
Enter New Password

Final, click Go and access your Joomla backend with new password.

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